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"Matt Tabor gave me a lesson in body mapping and helped me set up my computer and desk situation. Despite all my previous studies of good ergonomics, I learned a lot of important things that I had never heard before.  Body mapping is powerful knowledge that I'm certain will help prevent and even cure problems that software developers and office workers face.  Matt is extremely knowledgeable about body mapping and he is an excellent teacher.  I would highly recommend Matt and his body mapping lessons to any person who wants to prevent repetitive injuries."


 -John Boone, President, ProFocus


What is Body Mapping?


Body mapping is the study of the structures of the body and how those structures are designed to move and function.  By using this information one can achieve greater ease, freedom and comfort in all that they do, as well as recover from and prevent the pain associated with repetitive stress injuries.  


Like musicians, many people in other professions rely on their hands to make a living.  All too often, however, we are so focused on the task at hand that we lose awareness of the ways in which we use our bodies, until our body starts giving us messages that we cannot ignore in the form of pain.  When I switched from playing the drum set and began studying the piano in college I certainly fell into the pattern of neglecting the movements I made with my body.  I felt I had to work extra hard to play catch up with those around me while being immersed in the intellectually rigorous environment of higher education.  As a result I put in long hours of mental and physical effort with little to no consideration as to how I felt.  It was only a matter of time until significant amounts of pain developed.  I sought out many different means of addressing the problem through both conventional and alternative forms of medicine.  Most of the things I did helped to temporarily ease my discomfort, but the fact was that the pain always returned.  It wasn't until I began pursuing body mapping that I broke the cycle of pain and achieved a far greater freedom of movement than I ever thought possible.


Since that time I've been lucky to be able to share this invaluable information with musicians and non-musicians alike.  If you are currently dealing with pain related to repetitive movement, have dealt with it in the past, or would like to prevent it from ever occurring I highly recommend a series of lessons in body mapping.  


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